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Online Dating can be a daunting thought and process, particularly if you haven’t been on the dating scene for a while. Even more so during your first dates. After all, you want to make a good impression, and you want the person to like you.

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Here are 5 top dating tips so you don’t screw things up.

1. Don’t get drunk

Try to avoid alcohol. But if you do have a drink, limit your drinks to no more than two. When you are under the influence of alcohol, you significantly increase your chances of screwing things up – BIG time! Sometimes you just can’t help what comes out of your mouth when you’ve had one too many, and then, there is the unattractive drunk!

2. Put your best foot forward

Prepare for your date. Make sure you’re not tired, have an early night. Be presentable: showered and wearing clean clothes. Body odour and work clothing covered in paint are a real turn off. Saying that, you must feel comfortable. So don’t overdo it. That includes aftershave and perfume! If you don’t like wearing high heels and don’t usually wear them, don’t; you will feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. You want to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible – the more relaxed you feel on your date, the less likely you’ll screw things up!

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3. Be authentic and genuine

The last thing you want is to ‘pretend’ you are interested in something when it is not the case. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, just to impress your date! You are wasting each other’s time when you are false, and let’s be serious, who are you kidding?

How many times have you seen straight through someone who is telling you a load of ‘bull’ and it has changed the way you feel about them, negatively? Even if you never see your date again, let them walk away with a sense of who you are, not someone who is a liar. Be you, be genuine, be authentic. If you discover you’re not compatible, that’s great. It is better to know before starting a relationship with someone who is wrong for you because you ‘extended’ the truth in areas to impress your date.

4. Have confidence

Give yourself permission that it’s okay to get things wrong sometimes. You will master the art of dating. You will be in an exceptional place of confidence when you do meet your perfect partner. You will be such a magnet to your ideal partner when you meet because you will ooze confidence! Read some online dating stories in order to gain some first date experience.

5. No sex on the first date

I know some question this when they read it. That’s okay. If you want a long-term relationship, with your ideal partner, sex can get in the way of knowing if this person is perfect for you. Different emotions and hormones come into play. It can cloud your judgement when you have had sex. Sex is the cherry on the top. It is tough to know the person you are sleeping with when this is your first date. Sex on the first date has its place when you are into hookups but not if you want to meet your perfect partner. Most people wait for the 3rd or 4th date before they consider sex, but obviously, everyone is different.

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